Your Apple Watch Cannot Charging? Here’s the Way to Fix it

Apple Watches are a beautiful sight to behold, combining solid fitness features with fantastic value-added everyday characteristics to create a fantastic smartwatch companion. Even for the best Apple Watches, however, are not without flaws.

While we haven’t heard of any specific issues with the latest model, the Apple Watch, it’s important to remember that the gadget is more of a phone than a traditional watch in terms of its battery: if you don’t charge it every day, it quickly runs out of power.

This means that charging issues are not only inconvenient, but also disruptive. Fortunately, most charging issues are simple to resolve, and we’ve outlined all of the necessary steps below.

Perform Apple Watch hardware triage

Let’s start simple: is ones Apple Watch completely dead? The lightning strike must seem so after a few minutes of charging, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any response from the watch after charging it. If the bolt appears, charge it for another 30 minutes to see whether the battery charges normally.

No joy? Check that your required to charge cable is connected properly to the charger, that the USB connector is fully implanted, and that the charger’s plug is not damaged. We know it seems obvious, but we’ve all complained about a killed device only to discover that we’d knocked the charger over while vacuuming.

If the charge controller is linked to an extension cable, make sure it is connected and not turned off. If you can connect the charging cable directly to the wall socket, your extension lead is the issue.


Substitute third-p

If you have a third-party charger, set it aside and use the charger and cable that happened to come with your Apple Watch, or attempt a one of the best Apple Watch wharf. If you no longer have it, try asking a friend to test your device – it’s not unknown of for third-party hardware to produce strange errors and bugs.

Connect your Apple Watch as usual to the charging puck and wait some few mins to see if the lightning strike appears. If it does, the problem is most likely with your third-party power adapter.

Clean both the Apple Watch and the charger

The Apple Watch fees magnetically, and because it’s a daily device worn for work and play, a few grime and grit may be interfering with charging. To remove any dirt, use a slightly damp wet cloth and gently wipe over the back of the watch and the charging dock. Soak a soggy plate with alcohol and delicately clean the device to remove more stubborn messes. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to dry the Apple Watch.

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