Tutorial How to Screen Record on iPhone with Easy Ways

Digital technology as part on to an iPhone is simple, but there are a few steps you must take to make it readily available. While Apple did some of the best smartphones on the market, this same screen record characteristic on Android phones is much easier to find.

We’ve began our step-by-step guide below with commands on how to create a shortcut in your Control Center to speed up the process faster the next moment you need it.

Whether you want to record a FaceTime call with a loved one, the moment you won a game, or content for your newest TikTok or Instagram Reel, learn how to never miss a moment.

Navigate to the Control Center in Settings an iPhone on the a yellow background with just a red arrow to the Command Center configuration location To begin, open the Settings app on your iPhone, which should be located on your home page.

If you’re having trouble finding it, it’s really the gray emblem with a sprocket on it, and if you just energized your phone, it should appear on the final row on the far right. Then, scroll to the third collective of options and select Control Centre.

Add Video Recording to your Control Center

Scroll to the bottom past the collective titled Used to include Controls to a second group titled More Controls to find one just for Screen Recording.

When you swipe the green ‘+’ symbol, this will move up to a Included Controls center. While you are here, verify out the additional useful tools users can create shortcuts for, and add anybody else you want easy and quick access to.


Navigate to your Control Center Image of an iPhone on a Yellow Background

With command post open and a red arrow trying to point to the screen recording button. If you’ve never were using the Control Center on an iPhone before, you’re going to be in treat – it’s a very useful interface.

Swipe down from the upper-right wall of your iPhone (iOS 12 or later) to access quick controls for ones connectivity, display lock, luminance, and volume, as well as any shortcuts you selected in the previous step.

Press the Screen Recording Button

You are now ready to begin screen capturing on your smartphone. Tap the icon with a white dot surrounded by a concentric circle, and a 3 countdown should begin first before icon turns red, indicating that it is recording.

Once you’ve finished recording, return back to the Command Center by simply tapping down from the upper-right corner of your computer monitor and trying to tap the Screen Record button again to stop the recording. Tapping the red burst that appears around the clock on your phone will also work.

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