How to Uploading File to Google Drive: Simple Step by Step

Google Drive is among the most famous cloud storage services available today, and its attraction is widespread. This is because Google accounts cover a broad spectrum of offerings, from Google Maps to YouTube as well as nearly every other service Google offers.

Every personal user receives 15GB of free space, with paid plans allowing you to increase this to 2TB and start sharing it to the members of your family. You can publish almost any file type to Google Drive for stockpiling, but you may be unable to open it online.

Its virtual office software can handle Microsoft Office files, but if you want to convert to Google’s office software, you can go into configurations and enable dc – ac converter to Google’s file format.

If you’re among the more than 50 billion dollars pupils and educators who have received a Chromebook from their educational institution, or if you’re a business or personal user using one of these laptop computers, this is also how you’ll upload to Google Drive.

Step-by-Step-guide-upload-files to Google Drive

Step by Step Uploading Files to Google Drive from Windows

If you’re using a Windows machine, open your favourite online browser and comply with the directions above. If you value greater integration with your system’s file browser and are already acquainted with File Explorer, you must download the computer client from the official website.

After you sign in, you may decide how users want to connect the drive. It can be accessed as a separate drive or as a file within ones existing drive. This is determined by whether you want to treat it as a separate entity or integrate it into the remainder of your organization’s work.

File sharing to Google Drive first from desktop is simple and does not necessitate logging in to a browser. You can either drag current structure into the new Google Drive location you created in your File Explorer, as well as set it as your save location when creating new documents.

How to Upload File to Google Drive via Android Phone

On a desktop, guess it depends on your workflow, it’s not unusual to utilize a combination of the internet explorer portal and desktop client, but trying to access a remote backup from a smartphone’s browser is not common practice. This is why users should splurge all of your moment inside the Google Drive app, which is designed specifically for your device.

Select ‘Upload’ from the ‘Plus’ menu. You can choose from whatever files or mainstream press on your Android phone, as well as anything saved in other locations, including any additional cloud drives set up on your phone.

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