How to Set It up Twitter 2FA Without Purchasing Twitter Blue

Social media site is making headlines for all the bad purposes, as it has placed text message two-factor verification behind a paywall. Except if you pay for Twitter Blue, the social media platform’s monthly subscription service, you will no longer be able to utilize two-factor verification (2FA) via messages after March 30, 2023.

If you are currently using text message 2FA and do not select a different 2FA technique for Twitter well before deadline, Twitter will turn it off automatically.

We recommend that you do not allow this to happen, as disabling 2FA may increase the likelihood of your account being hacked. Instead, we recommend that you use this guide to select and configure a different type of 2FA.

Well How Add 2FA from Twitter Mobile App

  • Login in to your Twitter account by opening the app
  • In the top-left corner, swipe on your profile picture
  • Swipe on Settings as well as Support, after which Settings and Privacy to access Twitter’s Settings page
  • In Twitter’s app menu, a red arrow points to a ‘Security and privacy’ option
  • Then, under Security and account access, select Security
  • Finally, tap ‘Two-factor verification’ and choose between Security Key and Authentication app. Insert your Twitter passcodes again, and afterwards follow Twitter’s instructions for configuring your preferred 2FA method.

If you do not have a key pair, we recommend going with the Authentication app, which you can set up right away. If you don’t have an app, we recommend downloading any of the best verification apps and trying to connect it to your Twitter handle using the instructions provided by Twitter.


How to Enable Twitter 2FA on Your Computer

  • Sign in to your Twitter account at
  • Just on left side of the screen, click More, which is wedged among Profile as well as the big Tweet button
  • Then select Settings and Support, followed by Settings and Privacy
  • Select Security from the sub-menu that appears after clicking ‘Security and account access.’
  • Finally, look for the alternative for Two-factor authentication and select either Key Pair or Authentication app
  • Enter your Twitter pin code again, and then follow Twitter’s instructions for configuring your preferred 2FA method.

If you do not yet have a security key, we recommend the Authentication app because you can use it right away. If you don’t already have one, download one of the best verification apps and communicate that to your Twitter profile by following Twitter’s instructions.

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