How to Download Twitter videos on Desktop, Android, and iOs Phone

Similar to how you can download photographs, you cannot directly download through the app or website, but you can do so using other apps and services. We’ve divided our instructions into sections for PC, iOS, and Android because the process varies differently based on the device you’re using.

Some prior solutions are not anymore available because Elon Musk changed many important things after he bought Twitter, including way the API for Twitter works for developers. The techniques we’ve described below are all active as of this writing.

Download Twitter Videos from Desktop

Obtain the URL for the Tweet

Open your browser to the Tweet you want to save a video from, then highlight and copy the URL in the address bar.

Launch a Video Downloader Online

Despite the fact that there are other Twitter video downloaders available, we typically choose Twitter Video Downloader, Twitsave, or SaveTweetVid. Please be aware that consumers should use these third-party services at their own risk. The Tweet URL obtained in the previous step should now be pasted into your preferred downloader. Next, select “Download.”

Save your Video

Your download will be available on a new page in various formats, include 720p, 480p, or 320p. For the particular version you’re interested in, click the ‘Download’ button. Depending on the website you visit, it will either download immediately or send you to another page that is playing the movie.

If that’s the case, either pick ‘Download’ from the three triangles in the bottom left corner of the video player, or right-click the video and select ‘Save video as…’

A QR code which allows for direct download to a handheld device including a tablet or smartphone can be found at the bottom of the page on some websites, such SaveTweetVid.

Tutorial-to-download-twitter video

iOs users can download Twitter videos

You’ll need an updated iPhone operating iOS 16.3 or later and the Shortcuts application to be downloaded in order to use this method, which makes use of the iOS Shortcuts feature.

Then click “add to shortcuts” after opening the link in order to open the Twitter Video Download shortcut. Please be aware that users should utilize this third-party shortcut at their own risk.

Video sharing through the TVDL shortcut

Find the Tweet that contains the video you wish to download by going to the Twitter app. Press “Share via” after selecting the share option by tapping the tray featuring an arrow going toward the bottom right corner of the Tweet. The share menu for your iPhone and iPad will appear; scroll down till you see TVDL, and then tap it.

Decide on the video’s quality

The shortcut is going to request you for certain permissions the first time you use it; grant them. After that, it will prompt you to select the video quality you want.

Your video will begin downloading after you select High, Medium, or Low. Depending on the size of the video, you’re going to see the clip show up in the Photos app within a little while.

Download Twitter Videos for Android

The Download Twitter Videos app is the best alternative for Android devices. Download Twitter Videos can be found by searching the Play Store app.

Share the clip you wish to download on Twitter by opening it

After the app has been installed, locate the Tweet from which you wish to download a video, hit the share symbol, and then select Download Twitter. When you choose the version you wish to install, the download will start.

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