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How to Clear the Cache on an Android Phone

Clearing your phone’s cache is similar to washing out waxy ears and a stuffy nose. It’s full of things that are generally necessary for it to function, but it’s all a little too much for one person at the moment.

Consider it a virtual filing cabinet where you can keep all the things you’re working on without having to pull them out again – or those 100 Chrome tabs you can’t risk closing because you might need them later.

It should be evident at this point why you would wish to erase your cache. If your desk becomes overly cluttered with items you might want to work on later, you’ll have less space for what you’re working on.

Small, temporary files called cached files are kept on your device and help apps launch more quickly than they otherwise might. YouTube starts caching videos when you watch them so you don’t have to download the entire thing again. Streaming a Spotify song? It does the same. Frequent a particular page on Chrome? once more the same!

Clearing an app’s cache on Android is quite basic. Despite the fact that Android phones have a variety of interfaces, Google has put a lot of effort into convincing various manufacturers to standardize on a few features, cache management being one of them.


1. Open the App details sub-menu

Tap and hold on the icon of the app you wish to erase the cache of. The app could be on your home screen or in your app drawer. In any case, a menu giving access to widgets and perhaps other controls like app-specific quick actions should appear. You should also notice a ‘i’ icon anywhere in this pop-up menu.

To access the App info screen, select the “i” icon. The majority of an app’s functionality can be controlled from this page, including access to data, battery life, and storage, which is what you need in this situation.

2. Access the storage settings for the selected app

Click on Storage or Storage utilization. Both the app data and the cache can be cleared here. The files really required for the app to operate, such as downloads, account info, and the like, are referred to as app data. If there are serious problems, you can clear this, but this is the last resort, similar to hard-resetting your phone. (it essentially resets the app).

3. Delete the cache for the program

Choose Clear cache. On certain phones, a data deletion option will appear first; tap this, then Clear cache. Your cookie will be removed instantly, most likely without prompting.

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